M Series Climate Changer Air Handlers

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M-Series Climate Changerâ„¢ Air Handlers - Trane

6 CLCH-PRC003-EN Features and Benefits Customizable Cataloged Air Handlers Flexibility and versatility are standard in the M-Series air handler. As a customizable ...

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M-Series Climate Changerâ„¢ Air Handler - Trane

M-Series Air Handler Quick Select CLCH-PRC009-EN 3 Table 1. (continued) Module Dimensions (inches) and Weights (pounds) Nominal airflow1 1500 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 ...

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Quantum Climate Changer QUANTUM XP Product Catalogue

QUANTUM XP Model Nomenclature EG.: CLCP XP 00304 04AMKAT 0560J3F 1FA028D38X DIGIT DESCRIPTION 12002DNXWR12144YWR12144YWR12144XB 1,2,3 CLC = Climate Changer

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