Brochure Dynamic Positioning Systems General Kongsberg

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Yachts Closer to perfection

Integrated remote control Our solution for remote control of propulsion and thrusters combines autonomous control systems for each propulsion and

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Brochure Endurer 22-11-10 - Mermaid Maritime

Mermaid Endurer is a purpose-built DNV Classed DP2 DSV with diesel-electric propulsion and was delivered in May 2010. The vessel features a fully built-in and classed ...

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Ships Bridge Simulator - Kongsberg Maritime

Polaris Ships Bridge Simulator A scalable bridge simulator to meet all training requirements Experience Polaris is our 6th generation ship’s bridge simulator ...

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Brochure Sapphire 22-11-10 - Mermaid Maritime

Mermaid Sapphire is a purpose-built ABS Classed DP2 ROV & air diving support vessel built in 2009, designed for operation of dual deepwater work-class ROV’s (Quasar ...

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DPSV ADAMS ARROW - Adams Offshore W.L.L

vessel specification adams arrow adams offshore services limited adams arrow vessel specification page 4 of 5 rev 2 (08 january 2008) dynamic positioning system

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